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QUIZ: Can you name the Films with a connection to the Emerald Isle?

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SynopsisMovieYear Released
Amy Adams chases a husband with the help of an old Irish tradition about awkward calendar occurrences.2010
An American political writer is stuck in a small Irish town during the annual festival of setting up lovers.1997
Community celebrates the life of a local hero and the humor he brought to them.1998
An author suffering from a breakdown after the death of her son goes to rekindle her writing gift on an island nearby Ireland.2006
A boxer returns home to Ireland from America to start anew after he killed an opponent in the ring.1952
An old story teller squares off against a leprechaun to try to secure his gold.1959
A young IRA operative tries to purchase missiles under the guise of living with a New York City cop.1997
An unwitting good samaritan saves an English royal family member and unleashes the fury of the IRA on him and his family.1992
Biographic film about one of the early leaders of the Irish independence movement who helped negotiate Irish freedom.1996
Two Irish brothers try to eradicate the mobster element of Boston.1999

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