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Can you name the Super Mario RPG Characters?

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Forced Order
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#1. Known for his hops.
#2. Thinks he's a frog
#3.A doll trying to repair star road.
#4. King of the koopas.
#5. Princess who gets kidnapped like always.
#6. Dependable dinosaur that loves to carry people.
#7. A crocodile who stole #2's Frog Coin.
#8. A wizard who works for Bowser.
#9. Giant sword who crashed into the castle.
#10. The main enemy
#11 #2's grandpa who knows almost everything
#12 Mario's old mushroom friend who watches after the Princess
#13 A person who wants to marry the princess.
#14 A group of fighters who protect the 6th star piece.
#15 A pirate who fights Mario for the 5th star piece, but later helps Mario capture Yaridovich
#16 A mean dinosaur that wouldn't let other dinosaurs participate in the race.
#17 Dark Knight of Vanda
#18 A small martial artist who is very, very strong

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