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Can you name the characters described featured in 'Tracy Beaker Returns'?

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Harry's Favourite Toy
Price of Tracy's book
Tracy's rival who returns in series 3
Carmen's Mum who often left her at home
Animal that Tee loves
Three Elmtree Children who get sent to Burnywood
Head Care Worker
New Girl who shares Carmen's room in late Series 3
A former Burnywood Child who's parents are in prison for fraud
Lily's dad
Where Liam met Tracy
Man who Liam 'stole' a mobility scooter off
Tee's new friend when she gets fostered for a while
Lily's two sisters
Name of Elektra's old gang
Thing that makes Carmen knock over candles and start a fire in Cam's flat
Person who got hurt trying to save Tracy and Sapphire
Liam's Brother
Name of man who told Johnny not to call Tee
Elektra's Sister
Known as 'Bad Luck Boy'
Child who gets fostered for a while by Cam
Name of Burnywood Care Worker who takes over TDG
Tracy's Music loving boyfriend
Tracy's Foster Mum
Condition that Gus has
Gus's girlfriend for a while
Country Gina is from
Name of Care Home
What Harry does to Sapphire that makes her angry in Series 3

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