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A young friendly boy who loves his toy giraffe
A joyful care worker!
A comic loving younger boy who often has bad luck
Is a supportive sister to her sibins and has a strong friendship with Carmen
A confident and tough teen who likes revenge
A comical and funny boy who often can turn out to be silly
A guitar loving teen whi's parents are currently in prison
A cunning but fun teen who does all he can to protect his best mate
A fashion and pink loving girl who is often very sensitive to others
A competitve and tomboyish young girl who oftens plays with Tyler
An efficent and music loving boy who suffers from aspergers syndrome
Has a over protective older brother is good friends with everyone
An art loving teen who soons moves out of the DG
The main character who is senstive to others but often gets into other's problems
A sporty and protective brother who sometimes can get cocky
A food loving teen who suffers from cerebal palsy

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