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Can you name the characters from Nickelodeon's Doug (Disney characters and alter-egos excluded)?

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Protagonist and title character
Blue-skinned best friend
Blonde, athletic love-interest
Anthropomorphic dog, lives in an igloo
Purple-skinned rich girl, daughter of Bill Bluff
Oddball older sister
Father, creator of 'The Ol' Funnie Fireball'
Mother, usually meek-mannered and somewhat ditzy
Male neighbor, has many 'very expensive' inventions
Female neighbor, known for sarcasm and deadpan comedy
Super-jock, friend of almost every student at Bluffington School
Sweet, naive, heavy-set girl
Local ice cream and candy salesman
Green-skinned antagonist
Spoiled, antagonistic, female cat (thought to be male, but eventually had kittens)
Paternal grandmother, stereotypical grandmother type
Maternal grandmother, owns a motorcycle and loves to disco
Intelligent green-skinned twin brothers, geeks
Often mentioned, but never seen troublemaker
Member of the antagonistic gang, former mayor's son
Assistant principal, strict and stern disciplinarian
Green-skinned, grandmotherly elementary school teacher
Richest Man in town, descendant of Bluffington's founder
Wife of richest man in town, owns and teaches at a ballet studio
Former mayor of Bluffington who becomes the middle school principal
Member of the antagonistic gang, only member who is nice to the main character
Foul-tempered coach, sexist and unconcerned with the well-being of his students
Overly-childish guidance counsellor, wears 'Hug Me' sweaters
Band, known for hits such as 'Killer Tofu'
Member of the antagonist gang, most intelligent of the gang
Nephew of assistant principal, tall, mean, incredibly stupid and tough
Dark green-skinned foreign exchange student from Yakistonia
Light-green skinned girl who takes an interest in Skeeter
Never-seen elementary school principal, much kinder than his assistant counterpart

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