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A ______ A Day Keeps The Dr. AwayA
How to Stop A CarB
British Word for FriesC
Cocaine, Marijuana, HerionD
3 Letter Body PartE
Part of BrainF
South Dakota Governer (First Name)G
Harry Potter's Female FriendH
Popular New Cell PhoneI
John J Johnson Took This to the MoonJ
Another Word for Cough DropL
Computer Storage UnitM
Country in Central AmericaN
Completely Different thanO
Element Symbol: KP
American Measure of LiquidQ
Smaller than Canyon, Bigger than DitchR
Day of the Week/Ice CreamS
Section of an AirportT
Favored to Lose the GameU
Grapes Grown on TheseV
Brand of JeansW
Common 'X' NameX
Jewish Religion SchoolY
Getting a Small ShockZ

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