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Can you name these U.S. National Parks based on excerpts from their less-than-stellar Google reviews?

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Review quoteNational Park
'sure its a big hole in the it doesnt really do anything-at least not while i was there, your better off going to havasu'
'140 people stuffed into a small space mixed with a mean tour guide who yelled at the group multiple times because a kid was sitting on a rock made the experience a huge let down'
'very disappointed, we drive to much miles for nothing,very mormonised ,other bad thing is all is expensive'
'the boat tour was bad, you clearly can not see anything during the tour, not like alligators as they said, really disappointed for this 35 bucks per person, not worth it at all'
'It was such a huge disappointment. I saw more petrified wood in the stores leading up to the National Park than the actual park itself.'
'i was totally BORED with its geyser and all the walkin around we did was most than pointless. yeah i get it THERE ARE MOUNTAINS'
'Too much sand.'
'Super average. We have glaciers in vermont, and these look just about the same.'
'It was very boring and annoying to see the same tree over and over again.'
'I don't like it because it's too hot'

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