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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder which links the two halves of compound words?

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• [1]+[11] A sneaker for the beach? •1
A stick for magic2
Fade, diminish, decrease3
Grape-based alcoholic beverage4
Metallic thread or cable5
Had on one's body; eroded, deteriorated6
In pain7
Divide, arrange, group together8
Chimney dust9
Fired a gun, or took a picture10
• [1]+[11] A sneaker for the beach? •
• [11]+[20] Force something where it does not fit •
Blackthorn fruit12
Waste liquid: goo, mud, etc.13
Place to make a purchase14
Cleave, sever, cut15
Small piece from something larger; gambling token16
The bottom of the face17
Invent or devise; a pecuniary item18
• [11]+[20] Force something where it does not fit •
• [20]+[31] A wood wasp •
A hooligan behind the wheel21
A filip, or something of benefit22
Having been given birth to23
Degraded through frequent use24
Lexical unit25
A cable or other length of thread26
Emotionally distant; a common viral affliction27
Having been narrated or conveyed28
The adverse effect of campanology?29
Struggle, work30
• [20]+[31] Harry Potter Hungarian dragon •
• [31]+[41] Uncontrollable spiralling descent •
Of significant or above-average height32
A shopping precinct33
Processed grain used in a number of beverages34
Convert from a solid to a liquid state35
Animal flesh for consumption36
Chair, stool, etc.37
Wooden beam in, say, a fence38
A narrow incision39
Project saliva from the mouth40
• [31]+[41] Uncontrollable spiralling descent •41

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