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When a change in some condition triggers a response that intensifies the changing condition (warmer Earth - snow melts - less sunlight is reflected & more is absorbed, therefore wa
When a changing in some condition triggers a response that counteracts the changed condition (warmer earth - more ocean evaporation - more stratus clouds - less sunlight reaches th
Said human population cannot continue to increase exponentially; consequences will be war, famine & disease
What color is the dress?
Rule of 70; 70 divided by the percent growth rate 55. Replacement level fertility: the number of children a couple must have to replace themselves (2.1 in developed countries)
Who was the main actor in American Sniper, released in 2015?
What is the world population?
(Stage in Demographic Transition) birth & death rates high, population grows slowly, infant mortality high
(Stage in Demographic Transition) death rate lower, better health care, population grows fast
(Stage in Demographic Transition) decline in birth rate, population growth slows
(Stage in Demographic Transition) low birth & death rates
(What type of diagram?) broad base = rapid growth; narrow base = negative growth; uniform shape = zero growth
What are the first, second and third most populated countries?
Most important thing affecting population growth?
Type of name of Taylor Swift's newest album
Family planning, contraception, economic rewards and penalties are all example of way to...?
The percent of seawater on Earth?
The percent of saltwater on Earth?
in arid regions, water evaporates leaving salts behind. This is an example of?
Drip/trickle irrigation; industry = recycling; home = use gray water, repair leaks, low flow fixtures are all ways to...?
Pollution from specific location such as a pipe
Pollution over an area such as runoff
The amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic decomposers to break down organic materials?
Rapid algal growth caused by an excess of nitrates (NO3) - and phosphates
When aquatic plants die, the BOD rises as aerobic decomposers break down the plants, the DO drops & the water cannot support life
(1932-1968, Japan) mental impairments caused by methylmercury (CH3Hg)+ poisoning
Produced by humans & nature (CO,CO2,SOx,NOx, hydrocarbons, particulates)
Organisms that possess favorable adaptations pass them onto the next generation
Source: burning fossil fuels and diesel exhaust Effect: reduces visibility & respiratory irritation Reduction: filtering, electrostatic precipitators, alternative energy)

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