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Can you name the answers we have asked you about the members of Green Dykes Lane?

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What is Sarah's favourite food?
What word would best describe Stick's body shape?
What is the name of Ella's cushion?
What was the nickname of the girl in Stick's seminar who he got with?
How was Matty described in his report from his tutor?
What was Sarah's room number in D Block?
Why did Matty nearly get into trouble with the 15 Melbourne Street neighbours?
What is Holly's Middle Name?
What crustacian does Stick most look like?
What was the name of Sarah's last pet hamster?
What did Matty ask Ella to spread all over her body and get in his bed?
What did Ella tell Stick she had in her spare room?
How much did Mike spend on an FCUK tshirt because of the fit cashier?
What cereal is Lloyd's family connected to?
In Holly's fictional theme park what was the name of Lloyd's attraction?
When Ella ate meat, what did she eat?
What's the name of Mike's grandma?
What vegetable did Matty make into a puree?
Which of Stick's friends did Ella kiss?
Name our current landlord?

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