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When did Tecumseh attempt to form a confederation of Native American tribes?
How many settlers lived west of the Appalachian Mountains at this time?
Which foreign power supported Tecumseh's Confederacy?
Why was Tecumseh's Confederacy significant?
When did the Fist Seminole War take place?
When was the Indian Removal Act passed?
When did the Trail of Tears occur?
What was the Trail of Tears?
Which tribes were involved?
What were they collectively known as?
When was the 2nd Fort Laramie Treaty signed?
When was the First Indian Appropriation Act?
What did this Act do?
When was the 1st Fort Laramie Treaty signed?
When did the Plains Wars occur?
When was the Bureau of Indian Affairs founded?
What is the Bureau of Indian Affairs?
Which government department first had responsibility for the Bureau of Indian Affairs under James Calhoun?
When did the Sioux War break out in Minnesota?
When did the Sand Creek Massacre occur?
When was the second Indian Appropriation Act passed?
What did this Act do?
What was discovered in 1873 in Comstock Lode, Nevada?
When was gold discovered in the Black Hills of Dakota?
What ensued as a result in 1876?
Which famous battle took place on the 25th to 26th June 1876?
Which model school for Indians was established in 1879 in Pennsylvania?
How many buffalo were left in the West in 1883?
What did the American Government define Native Americans as in 1884?
When was the Dawes Act passed?
What did it make possible?
Which resistance movement arose in 1890?
What event did it lead to, involving the 7th Cavalry?
How many different tribes were there in the area we know today as the USA?
Who was the soldier and politician, elected President in 1840 and died in 1841?
How many people did a territory need before it could apply to become a state?
Who was the Lakota Chief who lead a successful campaign in 1866 to 1868 against the US army?
Who was the Sioux leader killed during an attempt to arrest him in 1890?
Who was the Sioux leader who defeated Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?
What was the name of the movement that encouraged the Indians to dance away the white settlers and bring back the Buffalo?
How many buffalo hides were shipped east in 1872?
How many buffalo hides were shipped east in 1873?
How many buffalo hides were shipped east in 1874?
Which notorious buffalo hunter killed over 4000 buffalo in 17 months?
By which year was the southern buffalo herd destroyed?
By which year was the northern buffalo herd destroyed?
How many buffalo were killed between 1872 and 1874?
How many did Native Americans kill in this time?
Who wrote Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee in 1970?
During which period were most reservations established?

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