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When was the Missouri Compromise signed?
When did the Lincoln-Douglas debates take place?
Which compromise was signed in 1850?
When did South Carolina secessionists open fire on Fort Sumter?
When was the Republican Party founded?
When did Lincoln win the presidential election?
When did the sack of Lawrence, Kansas take place?
When did South Carolina leave the Union?
Who was assaulted in May 1856?
When did the Republican Party fight its first presidential election?
When was the Dred Scott decision made?
When was the Kansas-Nebraska Act passed?
When was the Wilmot Proviso proposed?
When did John Brown's raid take place?
In which month did 6 Southern States leave the Union?
What was the term given to slavery in the USA?
What was the term given to people who actively worked to oppose slavery?
What was the name given to the most profitable crop in the South?
Which famous anti-slavery novel published in 1852 exacerbated tensions between the North and South?
What was the population of the North at the start of the war in 1860?
What was the population of the South at the start of the war in 1860?
What was the slave population of the South in 1861?
What was the name given to Southerners who wanted to leave the Union?
What does Agrarian mean?
What is the term given to a form of government without a monarch or someone who supports such a government?
What does secede mean?
The USA saw themselves as doing things differently and more successfully – an example to other countries. What was this called?
What was the name given to men who owned plantations with 20 or more slaves?
What are the publicly declared principles and intentions of a political party known as?
What is the term given to period in the South before the Civil War?
What are the men who drew up the American constitution known as?
Who invented the cotton gin and when?
By what multiple did the cotton gin make cotton production more profitable?
What was the line referred to in the Missouri Compromise?
What did the Missouri Compromise state regarding the critical parallel?
Which new territory looking to join the Union in 1850 interrupted the Missouri Compromise?
What term did Jefferson use to refer to the polarising issue of slavery I the USA?
Who founded the Liberator in 1831?
What was the term given to pious, pacifist Protestants who opposed slavery?
Who was an escaped slave from Maryland who went on to become a leading member of the abolitionist movement?
Who did Lincoln greet with the words, ‘the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war’
What was the name of the act that required Free states to co-operate in returning runaway slaves?
What did John Brown and his sons do on 25th May 1856?
Which 2 states became known as ‘bleeding’ in 1854?
What was the name of the staunchly anti-immigrant party in the 1840s and early 1850s?
What did Lincoln promise to do if elected regarding slavery?
Why was the Dred Scott decision controversial?
How many people voted in the 1860 elections?
What percentage of the vote did Lincoln win in 1860?
Why did Lincoln commit the Union to war?
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