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Who was Churchill's Grandfather?
In which countries had he served as a professional soldier?
When did he first enter politics as a Conservative MP?
Which party did he join in 1904?
Where did a failed attack in 1915 lead to his resignation?
What did he return to government in 1917 as?
What role was Churchill in under the Conservative government of 1924-29?
What political ideology was he strongly opposed to?
What political ideas were important to him?
Which decision was criticised by many economic experts as it made exports more expensive?
How many people were in the British Empire?
Which important canal in Egypt did Britain control?
How had WW1 impacted Britain?
What group in society had seen a rise in their relative wealth?
In what year did women gain the vote on equal terms as men?
What were now the two main political parties?
Why was there over a million people unemployed throughout the 1920s?
What happened in October 1929 which threatened the world’s economy?
Which party won the 1929 general election?
How did the Wall Street Crash affect Churchill personally?
What was the main political opinion regarding negotiating with Indian nationalists and Gandhi?
What was the late-Victorian view of India which Churchill believed?
What else did Churchill believe British rule had achieved in India?
What was Churchill’s racial view of Anglo-Saxons?
Where was the massacre when the British troops fired on a protesting crowd, killing 400?
What was the type of campaign used by Gandhi?
Which divorcee King Edward VIII want to marry?
What did Edward VIII announce in his speech in December 1936?
Which informal group was Churchill a member of which supported the King?
What happened when Churchill made a speech in favour of the King in the Commons?
Who became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933?
What did this lead Churchill to call for?
Churchill’s views on the growing power of Germany led him to oppose which governmental policy?
What did Stanley Baldwin admit about rearmament and the 1935 general election?
In what year did Germany annex Austria?
What did Chamberlain claim he had achieved in signing a pact with Germany in Munich?
What date did Britain declare war on Germany?
What role did Churchill re-enter government as in September 1939?
Which campaign in 1940 did Churchill bore substantial responsibility for?
Who did most Conservative MPs want to become prime minister in 1940?
What date was Churchill appointed PM?
Who was foreign secretary when Churchill took office?
How many troops had been evacuated from Dunkirk by 4th June 1940?
Who was Churchill referring to when he said ‘never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few’?
What was Hitler and Goring’s aim in bombing civilian populations?
Who was removed from command of the RAF in November 1940?
By the end of 1940, where had Britain enjoyed some military victories?
What did Churchill demand as a leader?
Where is Churchill known to have dictated instructions from?
What were the five key elements of his leadership style which marked him out as different from his predecessors?
How did Churchill deal with military matters?
Which head of the army often had to deal with Churchill’s interferences?

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