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What were the years of the War of Independence?
In which year did the new American Government adopt the Constitution?
How many colonies defeated Britain in the War of Independence?
What is the government for the states as a whole known as?
How often is the President elected?
What does Congress consist of?
How many senators does each state send to the house?
States send different numbers of representatives in proportion to what?
What can the Supreme Court do?
What is needed for an amendment to the Constitution?
When did the USA purchase Louisiana?
How much land was added with the Louisiana Purchase?
When did the Lewis and Clark expedition take place?
How many states made up the USA in 1803?
How many new states joined the USA between 1803 and the end of the 19th century?
How much new territory was added between 1803 and the end of the 19th century?
When was Florida acquired from Spain?
When was Texas acquired?
When was Oregon acquired?
When did the Gadsden Purchase take place?
When was gold discovered in California in the Sierra Nevada Mountains?
How many people died of cholera during the 1849 gold rush?
Where did cattle ranching begin?
How much was a cow worth in Texas and New York respectively in 1865?
Name 2 cow towns that developed on the railheads in the 1870s?
What happened in 1886/1887 to reduce the cattle herds?
When was barbed wire invented?
In which year did Brigham Young decide to move the Mormons west to the Great Salt Lake?
When did the American Civil War end, causing thousands of young ex-soldiers and ex-slaves and their families to move west in search of a new start?
When was the Homestead Act passed?
How much land could homesteaders claim?
Name 5 areas where people travelled from to claim the free land?
Who coined the phrase 'Manifest Destiny' first published in the New York Times and when?
who first used implied power from the constitution, as Thomas Jefferson did in 1803?
What were the years of the Mexican-American war?
Who defeated Henry Clay for the presidency in 1844?
When was the Morrill Act passed?
What was the required population that a territory needed to have to apply to join the Union as a state?
Which government office became the largest employer in the country and allowed fast communication between East and West?
Name 3 technologies that assisted homesteaders in farming the plains?
How often were censuses carried out?
In which year was it ascertained that nearly one half of the population lived to the west of the Appalachians?
In which year was the Railroad Act passed?
When was the first Transcontinental railroad completed?
Who was the last of the founding fathers to hold the office of President and in which years did he?
Which land Purchase of 54000 square miles made a southern railroad possible and in what year did it happen?
Which act offered settlers the chance to purchase 640 acres if they irrigated it within 2 years and in what year was it passed?
Which act offered settlers the chance to purchase 160 acres if they planted 40 acres of trees on it within 10 years and in what year was it passed?
In which year was the frontier declared closed?
Which historian, writing in The Frontier in American History argued that westward expansion was a turning point in American History and when did he?

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