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Can you answer these tricky Harry Potter
The name of Aragogs wife
Where is Grindelwald imprisoned?
Professor Snapes protection of the philosophers stone
Professor Sprouts first name
Who was the original owner of the Ressurection Stone?
How much did the Weasley family win in the Daily Prophet Prize Draw
Who killed Rowena Ravenclaws daughter?
The name of the leader of the Headless Hunt
Which two characters escorted and apparated with the Dursleys at the start of Book 7
Name of muggle studies professor murdered in Dark Lord Ascending
The two death eaters on Tottenham Court Road
The name of Gilderoy Lockharts autobiography
What plants is Xeno Lovegood growing outside his house?
What was the name of Nicholas Flamels wife?
Who did Ludo Bagman play quidditch for?
Course Filch takes to try and learn magic?
Who does Umbridge say she is related to? Clue 'S' on the locket
Who does Fleur Delacour go to the Yule Ball with?
What spell does Mcgonagall use to bring the suits of armour to life in the battle of hogwarts?
Name of the healer who gives Mr Weasley stitches?
The school Harry was due to attend before getting his Hogwarts letter?
Can you answer these tricky Harry Potter
What is the first gift that Hagird and Maxime give to the giants?
Name the Cattermoles children?
What is the chief of the giants known as?
What are the last words Dumbledore spoke to Lupin and Shacklebolt?
What does Molly like Arthur to call her in private?
Who is the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?
Who is the author of Quidditch Through the Ages?
What is the shape of Cho Changs patronus?
What is thrown over the wall to deter the death eaters in the battle of hogwarts?
What does Peeves drop on to the heads of death eaters in the battle of hogwarts?
What is the shape of Seamus' patronus?
Captain of the Holyhead Harpies
Slytherin seeker in philosophers stone?
Madam Maximes first name?
What is the dead barty crouch transformed into by his son?
What is Hermiones middle name?
What was the name of Bellatrixs' husband?
According to the Slytherins song Weasley is our King, where was he born?
In the philosophers stone, which potential childminder/friend of the dursleys was on holiday in Majorca?
Who's uncle invented the Wolfsbane potion?

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