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Can you guess the Countries by the clues given. For example, 3D shape- 1st letter of the alphabet = Cuba (cube a 3D shape, letter a to make Cuba, i think you get the message!)
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In a hurry- 1st vowel in alphabet
Red hot vegetable
Not out- common roadkill animal
Women's essential clothing- feeling under the weather
Type of spread- how an amount of land owned is measured
Richard Branson's knighthood- alcoholic beverage
Round vegetable- a lions home
Smart neck wear- opposite to death- human facial body part
5th vowel of the alphabet- helps lift heavy objects into position
Not old- connected to the beach- farmers own this
3rd vowel of the alphabet- record one of these to help keep count
Maybe something is just meant to be?
Disabled Olympics- another word for a man
Re-arranged tango
You ring me- never-ending chewy food
No way is this the answer!
Type of straw- golfers stick this in the ground to start of the hole
Famous wine- not me- birds found at sea
Cubes used to cool a drink down- farmers own this

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