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How many horcruxes are there?
What is the name of the D.A.T.D.A teacher in the philosophers stone?
What does hermione have in the prisoner of azkaban which allows her to attend multiple classes?
What language allows people to speak to snakes?
What is a popular drink in the three broomsticks?
What volt number is the philosophers stone kept in?
Who was headmaster before dumbledore?
What is the latin hogwarts motto?
Who wins the quidditch world cup?
Who is the owner of the philosophers stone?
What village do the dursleys live in?
What magazine does luna lovegoods dad edit?
What is voldermorts real name
Who is padfoot?
What is gildroy lockharts autobiography called?
What make is the flying car?
Who is the attendent on the knight bus?
If you spot sirius black what department in the ministry of magic should you send your owl to?
Who is the irish team seeker in the world cup final?
Who is the author of the life and lies of albus dumbledore
At what time does the traditional champions waltz start at the yule ball
What is the motto on the black family crest
What is educational degree number 29
Moony, wormatail, padfoot and who present the marauders map?
What is fred and georges joke shop called?
Mafalda hopkirk works for which department in the misistry of magic?
What page on the daily prophet would you find bad news?
What message is engraved on james and lillys gravestone?
Who is the referee in the quidditch world cup final?
How old was kendra dumbledore when she died?
What is albus dumbledores title at the ministry of magic?
Whats Hagrids dragon called?
What country does charlie weasley work in?

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