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Can you name the famous people who have a phobia?

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Baywatch actress who played CJFear of mirrors
Casper and Sleepy Hollow actressFear of indoor plants
Legolas in the Lord of the RingsFear of pigs
Singer with the debut album JustifiedFear of snakes, spiders and sharks
Failure to Launch actorFear of tunnels and revolving doors
My Super Ex-Girlfriend actressFear of confined spaces
Kill Bill actressFear of open spaces
Singer who sang the main theme to Tomorrow Never DiesFear of heights
Best selling female artist of all timeFear of thunder
Scooby Doo's Daphne in the live action filmsFear of graveyards
I Know What You Did Last Summer actressFear of the dark and monsters under the bed
Scary Movie actress who shares her surname with the name of a female comic book heroineFear of water
Rapper who founded Bad Boy RecordsFear of clowns
Sling Blade writer and actorFear of antique furniture
Actress who starred in The Color PurpleFear of flying
Actress who played Virginia Woolf in The Hours and who is married to a country singerFear of butterflies
Actress who played the subject of a painting in The Girl With The Pearl EarringFear of cockroaches
Electrical engineer who has an SI unit named after himFear of jewelry
Austrian father of psychoanalysisFear of weapons
New York born film writer and director known for his neurotic natureFear of sunshine, insects, dogs, bright colours, deer, heights, children, crowds, small rooms and cancer

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