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Forced Order
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swimming in the water tank
he was lying when he said he moved to L.A
you still look amazing and i must have been crazy
waiting for her love to find her
i'll pray for you and me and hope i'm right
your beauty shines and lights up the sky
throwing pennies in a fountain
you changed everything, you changed the rules
if you had never come out of the blue
do you remember the day i leaned up against your car?
there's a little girl in this little town
you think i'm just another girl
when it was good baby, it was good baby
why the hell don't you love me?
'x' is the shape i drew through your face
bet mama's wondering where we are
it's raining on sunday, there's nothing on TV
don't do nothing crazy
i take your photo off the dash
love's got me cornered in the back of a room
you ain't even worth all that
let's talk about blood and sweat and tears
i don't have a plan, i don't have a map
emily comes home from school
would've been cool to never fall down
i'd give forever to get your attention
i dare this to get better
it's cold outside and i still love you
don't you know i'm trying to hate you?
or a simple goodbye, baby even a lie
the oceans had your eyes
all i really want to do is be next to you
you can get high on a first kiss
tangled like the roots on the ground
a car up on blocks in the driveway
born on the seventeenth
they say it's better to have lost than never to have loved at all
i don't look for your car, i don't wonder where you are
red light turns to green then back to red again
my imagination's running away

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