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Common NameScientific NameReference
Mountain Gorilla
Californian Condor
Grey Wolf(Scott et al. 2005)::
Peregrine falcon
Brown Pelican
American alligator
Kirtlands Warbler
Atlantic Salmon
Philippine Eagle(Collar et al. 1999; Bueser et al. 2003)
Frog Skin Bacteria(Brucker et al. 2008)
Sun Tailed Guenon(Brugiere 1999)
Azure winged magpie
Ground sloth Genus10,000BP
Elephant Birds1,000BP
Pink Pigeon
Blue Whale
Black Rhino
Sea Otter(Kenner 1992)::
Sea Urchin genus:
Kelp Order
Harbor Seal(Harding 2002)
African Wild Dog
Green Sea Turtle
Red Knot
Killer Whale
Common NameScientific NameReference
Steller Sea Lion
Horseshoe crab Family(Lima-Ribeiro et al. 2012)
Fruit bat genuse.g. Pteropus vampyrus= Large flying fox
Quaggac.f. burchelli
Tasmanian Tiger100BP
Tasmanian Devil
Speke's Gazelle
Glanville Fritillary
Song Sparrow
Mauritius Kestrel
Adder(Madsen & Shine 1999)
Florida scrubjay
Spotted Hyena
Brown Hyena
Large Blue Butterfly(Thomas et al. 1990)
Sea LampreyWelland Canal
Deepwater Cisco
Blackfin Cisco
Western Grebe
Starfish Genus
American Beaver
African Forest Elephant
Herbaceous low/high CO2(Leadley & Stocklin 1996):
Perennial grass gentotypic response
Common NameScientific NameReference
Orange-Tip ButterflyPeak activity later
Speckled woodRange getting more northern
ElkJohnston & Schmitz 1997):
White-Tailed Deer
Ground Squirrel
Bighorn SheepBerger 1990
Seychelles Warbler
Red Flour Beetle
Wood Duck
Atlantic Cod
Philippines Crocodile
Waldrapp Ibis
Collared Pecary
Guinea Baboon(Minhos et al. 2013)::
Mona Monkey
Green Monkey
Hawaiian Stilt(Reed 2007)
Island Fox(Kohlmann 2005)
Black-Footed ferret(Williams 1986)
American Mink
European Mink(Rozhnov 1993)
Asian Elephant

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