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Common NameScientific NameReference
Dung Fly(Parker 1970)
Bob White Quail(Williams et al. 2003)
Golden-Winged Sunbird(Gill & Wolf 1975)
Coal Titfeeds on:
Moth larvae
Blackbird(Smith 1974)
Parasitoid Wasp
Great Tit(Cowie 1977)
Starling(Kacelnik 1984)
Shore Crab(Elner & Hughes 1978)
Rufous humming bird(Tamm & Gass 1986)
Moose(Belovsky 1978)
Star Nosed Mole(Catania & Remple 2005)
Yellow-Eyed Junco(Caraco et al. 1980)
Sparrow Hawk(Gosler et al. 1995)
Marsh Tit(Cowie et al. 1981)
Clark's Nutcracker(Vanderwall 1990)
Vervet Monkey (Seyfarth 1980):::
Rock python
Martial Eagle
Indian Peafowl
Turquoise browed motmot(Smith 1975)
Great Kiskadee(Smith 1977)
Sage Grouse(Vehrencamp 1989)
Harris Sparrow(Rohwer 1987)
Australian Giant Cuttlefish
Common Cuckoo(Davies 1998)
Common NameScientific NameReference
Firefly genus
Humpback whale
Goshawk(Kenwood 1978):
Wood Pigeon
Ostrich(Bertram 1980)
Spotted Hyena(Pangle & Holekamp 2010):
Grants Gazelle(Fitzgibbon 1990)
Thompsons Gazelle
Western Red Colobus(Bshary & Noe 1997):
Diana Monkey
Field Fare(Anderrson & Wicklund 1978)
Largemouth bass(Landeau & Terborgh 1986):
Silvery Minnows
Emperor Penguin
Periodic Cicada
Colonial orb-weaver(Rayor & Uetz 2000)
Northern Gannets
Honey BeeVon Frisch
Red Bille Quelea(DeGroot 1980)
Black Vulture(Rabenold 1987)
Bechstein's Bat(Kerth and Reckhardt 2003)
Giant Trevally(Mayor 1978)
Brent Goose(Prins et al. 1980)
Zebra Finch(Waas et al. 2005)
Prairie Dogs(Hooglund 1979)
Red-Winged Blackbirds(Bray et al. 1975)

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