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Can you name the Interpol songs from the first sentence of their lyrics??

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Always you need me lover
Spare me the suspense
It's way too late to be this locked inside ourselves
Rosemary heaven restores you in life
She says it helps with the lights out
I had seven faces
Tell me you're mine
I wish i could eat the salt off of your last faded lips
My best friend's a butcher, he has sixteen knives
Touch your thighs I'm the lonely one
Yeah but nobody searches
You can't hold it too tight
The fevered plastics that seal your body
All that I see show me your ways
I will still be up by fall
This could be destiny oh sweetheart
If time is a vessel, then learning to love
I wish I could live free
Been bad, Saturn makes your mind break in pieces
I was on my way I was on my way to tell you it's no good
Nobody warned you
I need the sun light
We saw you from the ocean's side
You make me lose my buttons
I did not take to analysis
Yours is the only version of my desertion
I'll lay down my glasses
Dreams of long life
I'm timeless like a broken watch
It's the place that's said to break
Will you put my hands away?
I want your silent parts
Show me the dirt pile
It would be so nice to take you
We ain't going to the town
How are things on the west coast?
You can't still
Surprise, sometimes, will come around
Through the storms and the light
I dream of you draped in wires
I'm gonna pull you in close
I have a sequin for an eye
When she walks down the street
I haven't slept for two days
Slow decay, I won't stop fighting yet

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