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Can you name the lyrics from Ninja Info Cards?

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Hang on, don't give up ___ yet 
Maybe I can ___ ___ ___ out a little 
With my ___ ___ ___ 
With my ___ ___ ___ ___ 
What the ___ ___ ___? 
Verse 1&2
It's hard ___ ___ 
They're chakra ___ 
With everything I've ___ 
They may not ___ ___ ___ (at first) 
In fact, they ___ ___ 
Shows the ___ ___ 
of all the ___ 
Verse 3&4
Shows the ___ they come from 
You can ___ time 
Well, you get the ___ 
I haven't got a ___ what's going on here 
but i'll ___ like I do 
___ it!!! 
We got our ___ ___ ___ for us 
Oh, ___, it's hard to explain 
but my body's just too ___ 
___ ___ oh ___ 
Verse 5&6
I've got a real good ___ for us 
Just what do you ___ ___ ___? 
You can't ___ anything you know about 
In the ___ years I've been coming 
I've never ___ so much 

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