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QUIZ: Can you name the four-letter words in this icky themed word ladder?

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To be ill or puke
Nickname for Richard
Staple food
A bad habit
1.6 kilometers
Small burrowing mammal
Greater quantity
Past tense of wear
Slender, legless creature
Pleasant temperature
e.g. Korean, American Civil, Vietnam
Fourth planet from the sun
Weight, regardless of gravity
Dirty or untidy
Unmarried woman's title
Cloud of particles
To be required or compelled to
Gathers on shelves etc
Used with thou to mean 'you do'
Price paid
Cold weather outer garment
A fossil fuel
Baby horse
Offensive to the senses, e.g. smell
Vampires don't have one?
'Under' in French, a type of chef
Greek, meaning mind or intellect
The haves and the have-____
Decays, decomposes
Learn by repetition
Degree of speed, progress etc
Unusual, uncommon
Provoke someone to do something
Move quickly
Filthy substance
Urgent or desperate
Bog or marsh
Belonging to me
Totality of mental processes
Not extreme
Furry fungus
Did tell
Fee for passage
Where money is kept in a shop
A thin slab of baked clay
Longest river in the world
Net-like fabric
Missing something
Good fortune
One dollar
Platform bed
Rubbish, garbage
Sixth month of the year
A sand hill or ridge
Eat, formally
Twining plant stem
Yellow liquid secreted by the liver

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