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Election of Jefferson and Jackson supported the growing of the _________ man.
Jackson was a (Democrat/Republican).
The Presidential Election of 1824 had _____ party.
In the Presidential Election of 1824, Jackson won the ______ ______.
What war made Jackson a hero to the Western states?
Who wins the Presidential Election of 1824?
What reaches new heights as Jackson and his wife, Rachel, were called adulteries?
What was the name of the system that Jackson detested because of the thousands who clamored for Federal Jobs?
Andrew Jackson replaced ____% of the Federal Employees.
What was the system Andrew Jackson proposed to spread the wealth?
What was Jackson’s nickname that was given because of his common style and “horse sense”?
What power did Andrew Jackson ultimately increase during his presidency?
What was the group of Andrew Jackson’s “good ole boys” called?
What was the first sex scandal during Jackson’s presidency?
The Peggy Eaton Affair resulted in resigning of the entire ________.
Andrew Jackson vetoed more than the previous ___ Presidents combined.
What did Jackson disliked the most because of its aristocratic leadership?
Jackson constantly feuded with clay to veto the ______ _____ project in Kentucky.
Who was the person Jackson hated the most?
Henry Clay stepped in with the _______ ______ to end the Nullification Convention.
During the long debate between Webster and Hayne, Webster defended _________.
What third party emerged during the Presidential Election of 1832 in oppose to Andrew Jackson being a part of the secret/elitist group?
What was issued by Andrew Jackson that required public lands to be purchased by hard currency?
What was the result of Andrew Jackson’s removal of federal deposits from the 2nd Bank of US and putting into pet banks?
Natives lived east of the ______ River.
Name two of the “five civilized tribes.”
The “five civilized tribes” became “_____-Assimilated”
What Act led to the “trail of tears” which removed the Cherokee and others to Oklahoma?
Name one of the two wars raised by the Indians that showed the natives resolve to fight black?
What party was formed by Henry Clay who opposed the growing power of the presidency under Andrew Jackson?
The Whig Party stressed more power lay in the hands of the ________ branch.
The Whig Party broke apart in 1853 over _______.
Who did Andrew Jackson pick as his successor?

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