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Main Dancer?
Main Visual?
Main Vocal?
Main Rapper?
Best Actor 10/10?
Namjoon is best know for?
Jin is the..?
Yoongi's rap name is?
During the Fire mv who was playing a video game?
What member from a different group says that Namjoon is always too busy to hang out?
Most iconic meme?
Jimin is always teased for?
What was the song that NamJin did together called?
Who put virus' on the computer from watching porn?
What animal is Kookie normally compared to?
Jin's favorite colour?
Which female K-Pop star is Kookie's ideal woman?
Who are the parents of BTS?
The actual sunshine is?
Who has the best shoulders?
What can Tae say in chinese?
What colour is Jin's hair during the 'Save me' era?
Jimin's nickname he got from Tony?

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