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I see artist hate loving this young artist Critique on them yall ain't nothing but cheap condoms
5 in the mornin' yawning, kiss ya while you sleepin'
Highest underrated ****, I don't need you rating me Sold out shows way before this sh*t was BET
Standing in the club on a, on a couch sh*t Grab the mic then announce this...
Walk up on this bitch with a hundred grand Two rollies on my arm, another hundred grand
She she got me stutterin, my words beginnin to slur As I say, I love her, but I'm lovin it, it feels so right When I'm, huggin her
Stuck in the moment, then she back to her life I’m back to the money, cause money my life
King me ‘cause this is my time now So all you other n***as bow down
Hundred thousand on my tax Twenty thousand on my tats No lie, I’ve got twelve hundred snapbacks
I like that, I need that, I want that, I see that Can I meet that, where you be at, everybody try to beat that
T-Many Drive young bitches crazy You know the motto
What the funk you beezy’s want I’m ready to hump the car I call it ele-phunk
Moms crying watching her only son Through TV mtv bet He on now wipe me down No longer fighting through the crowd I control the crowd oh you like me now wow!
Two months then the album out Carelessworld drop, pewm, then im out
Let her run house but my name ain't diggy
Hot drunk girls say they love my baby face
Did it all, too much wasn’t enough Now it’s gone but sometimes I sit and hope
Jet lagged; Louis Vuitton bag Under the icey they don't recognize me So are, you following me?
The night young, we should head over to my place Ha, now we laughing and all that Tell your friend they can fall back
Fur murder swervin’ make the jet ski do a hurdle You’s a motherf-ckin turtle knock you down like Berto

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