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A woman is in a cemetery and the living dead awaken (at night), causing her to flee to an abandoned house and meet up with a black man.
A man throws a flesh-bound book into a fire, causing the demon-possessed people around him to explode and disintegrate.
A boy is lying in bed when he notices a man in a suit floating above his head. Creatures then emerge from the ground next to his bed and hold him down.
A man is infected with the Rage virus when infected blood gets in his eye. He tells his daughter to get away from him, because he knows what's going to happen.
A woman sacrifices her poor cat to try and please the demon that will come for her after three days.
An army of mentally challenged school kids raises from the dead on halloween night to get revenge on the bus driver that killed them all.
A woman gets a ride from a stranger, who intentionally takes a wrong turn and smashes her face into the dashboard, killing her.
A group of college girls accidentally kills a woman, and they put her body at the bottom of a murky pool outside their house.
When a hooked man's name is said five times, he swiftly arrives to slay those who uttered it.
A motorcycle gang arrives at a group's hiding spot to plunder their items of material value, and then they are greeted by zombies.
A college aged girl shoots herself in the head to avoid the outcomes of a Satanic ritual, only to wake up in the hospital... pregnant with the son of the devil.
A serial killer shoots a police car with a pistol, causing it to explode.
A young boy's grandfather stops time for 30 seconds so the young boy can prevent his family from eating poisoned food and pastries. The boy then urinates on the meal.

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