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SeasonEpisode TitleWhat Occured
1Kate is kidnapped by Ari Haswari, who tries to convince her to disclose which helicopter is Marine One
2The team discovers that Ari is back in the country trying to kill Gibbs, and Kate is assigned to protect him. Kate gets shot in her vest, but when she gets up, Ari shoots her in the head.
3Gibbs has amnesia and tries to remember who everyone else is in order to stop a terrorist attack. After the bomb explodes, Gibbs retires.
4Tony and Jeanne get taken hostage in the morgue of the hospital and Jeanne stabs their captor. The ending shows them getting into a limo for Jeanne's 'surprise,' which turns out to be her father, La Grenouille.
5Gibbs and the team try to find Jenny's killer, culminating in Franks shooting the killer. Acting Director Vance then reassigns the team, and Gibbs receives 3 new team members.
6Rivkin dies after being shot by Tony, and Ziva blames Tony for it. The team travels to Tel Aviv to talk to Mossad's Director, Eli David (Ziva's father) and Tony is cleared. The episode ends with Ziva deciding to stay in Israel with her father.
7A continuation of 'Borderland' and 'Patriot Down,' Gibbs is held captive by Paloma Reynosa, the daughter of the drug dealer he killed in Mexico 20 years ago. She releases him after threatening to kill everyone he loves, and the episode ends with Paloma walking into Gibbs' father's store.
8After learning the identity of P2P and his motives, Barrett, Kort and Jimmy Palmer are kidnapped. Gibbs and Vance take out P2P, and DiNozzo is given a new assignment.

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