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Forced Order
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FactPresident's Name
Who kept a cow on the white house lawn?
Who was the last general to become president?
What school has produced the most presidents?
How many presidents were only children?
Who was the president with the shortest term?
Who was the only president to have been an Eagle Scout?
Who was the only president to have been a preacher?
Who was the only president to have been awarded a patent?
FactPresident's Name
Who was the only president to serve in the revolutionary war and the war of 1812?
Who was the only president to be named a sworn enemy of the United States?
Who was the first president to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue/
Who was the only president to have a foreign capital named after him?
Which president was caught skinny dipping in the Potomac by a female reporter?
Name a president whose last name begins and ends with the same letter.
Whose inauguration was the first to be televised?
Which president's profile appears on the Purple Heart?

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