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what kind of sleep waves are present during REM?
when a person sustains various amounts of muscle weakness
peptide produced by neurons whose cell bodies are in the hypothalamus
sleep attacks can be diminished by stimulants such as
maladaptive behaviors during SWS
what stage of sleep is involved in the consolidation of a non-declarative memory
the accumulation of this neuromodulator serves as a sleep promoting substance
where are ACh neurons located?
ACh is low in what stage(s) and high in what stage(s) of sleep?
noradrenergic/norepinephrine is released by neurons from where
Firing rate of noradrenergic neurons was high during what stage and low during what stages?
serotonergic neurons are found in the
serotongergic neurons are active in what stage and not active in what stages
cell bodies of histaminergic neurons are located in the
Where are the majority of sleep neurons located
Damage to vlPOA...
activity of vlPOA increases during
Where is the biological clock located
Lesions in what area disrupts circadian rhythms/axons from SCN terminate here
the control of seasonal rhythms involves what gland
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