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Humans can detect light between the wavelengths of
Are there more rods or more cones in the retina
What are the three levels of retinal circuitry starting with the back of the eye
Special molecules embedded in the membrane of the lamellae
spell your name
opsin is a ...
retinal is a ...
LGN contains how many layers?
Inner two layers of LGN
Outer 4 layers of LGN
K cells deal with what color?
dealing with optic chiasm, outside is
dealing with optic chiasm, inside is
green light stimulates 'green cone' , thus red-green ganglion cells are:
blue light stimulates 'blue cone', thus yellow-blue ganglion cells are:
What level (and sublevel) of striate cortex received info from P cells and M cells?
first word that comes to mind for ventral
M cells
P cells
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