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1952 Boston Braves
CF- Last game with the franchise (played only two another games with the Pirates in 1954). Was a every-day outfielder in 1950-1952. NL ROY in 1950 
SS- Four-time All-Star (all with the Braves). He led the league in doubles in 1955. Was the first major league batter Sandy Koufax faced 
3B- Member of the Hall of Fame. That was his rookie season. The only player to play for the Braves in Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta 
LF- Led the team in Hits, HR, RBI, AVG., OBP., SLG. and OPS. Former All-Star with the Giants 
1B- His last season with the franchise. Played also with the Phillies, Tigers, White Sox and Yankees. Led the league in runs, in 1950 
C- 1952 was the only season when he had more than 25 Plate Apperances. Played all of his Major League career (4 different years) with this franchise 
RF- Lone season of his Major League career. His full name is also the name of brand of a very famous whiskey 
2B- His rookie season. Nothing special to be said about him 
P- Mediocre pitcher through the 50's with the Braves (this season was his career-high in starts, with 10). Longtime color commentator and play-by-play broadcaster on Braves radio and television, working from 1962 to 1999 
1953 St. Louis Browns (Orioles Franchise)
CF- First year with the Browns. Led the team in PA, Hits, 2B and SB 
1B- Only his seventh game with the Browns (18 game total in major league career), and also the last one with them 
3B- Worst batting avg. among the qualified hitters of the Browns in this season 
LF- Came in trade with the Tigers one and half months before the game took apart. Best OPS on the team 
C- His eighth season with the Browns. Played another two with the Orioles 
RF- Only one of 3 games with the franchise (all of them in his first season of major league career). His best season was with Kansas City A's in 1957 
SS- Rookie and All-Star this season (only All-Star appearance in his career) 
2B- His third season with the Browns. Came 29th in mvp voting the year before  
P- His third full season with the Browns. Led the league in Earned Runs and Losses in 1951 
1954 Philadelphia Athletics
2B- Nicknamed Pecky. Played all of his Major League career with this franchise (between 1941-1943 and 1946-1955) 
1B- His real name was Victor Pellot. This was his first season in his Major League career. Made the All-star with this franchise in the next two seasons and another two times with the Indians, in 1959 and 1960 
3B- Led the team in Hits, 2B, 3B, AVG., OBP., SLG. and OPS. Came second in 1954 AL ROY voting. Made the All-Star team in this season and the next one 
LF- 'Ozark Ike', billed as the 'New Joe DiMaggio'. Led the team in RBI 
RF- Best season of his career. Never hit more than 7 HR and drove in more than 28 runs in any other season 
CF- Came in a trade with the White Sox earlier in the season. Played another year with the franchise, the last one of his Major League career 
SS- September call-up. Played in three seasons with the A's and another one with the Cubs, in 1957  
C- Was Athletic all of his 10-season career. Never played more than 104 games in a season 
P- First season of his career. Won the 1958 World Series, with the Yankees (pitched 3.2 scoreless Innings in one relief appearance at the series) 
1957 New York Giants
2B- Traded by the Milwaukee Braves with Ray Crone and Bobby Thomson to the New York Giants for Red Schoendienst, at that season. 
RF- Mandrake the Magician. Two time All-Star with this team (in 1954 and 1955). Led the league in Hits in 1954. His last game with the franchise 
CF- Hall of Famer. Best player in Giants history and one of the best in all of baseball history 
LF- Played all of his 7-year career in Giants uniform, but only 54 games in San Francisco (in 1971) 
3B- Former legend in New York, move to the Cubs in the next season. Hit the 'Shot Heard Round the World'  
1B- Played for 13 years with the giants (in two different stints). All-Star in 1952. Managed the Cubs between 1972 to 1974 
SS- Big Dee. Hit the first home run in San Francisco Giants history 
C- Last season of his 11-year Major League Career (all of them with the Giants). All-Star in 1952 and 1953 
P- 5-time All-Star with the Giants (including that season). Led the league in ERA in 1954 (and also finished third in NL MVP voting at that year) 
1957 Brooklyn Dodgers
2B- Played all of his 14-year career with the Dodgers. 1953 NL ROY and two time All-Star (1956 and 1959). Led the league in Triples in 1953 and in BB in 1959. Finished 5th in 1956 NL MVP voting and 6th in 1963 NL MVP voting 
CF- Only All-star appearance of his career came that season 
RF- Nicknamed 'The Reading Rifle' and 'Skoonj'. Two times All-Star, in his 15-year career (all of them with the Dodgers) 
1B- Another legend of the franchise. All-Star between 1949 to 1955. Chose one another time at that season, and also finished 7th in NL MVP voting, his career-high. Gold Glove winner in 1957-1959 
LF- His last game of his 18-year career (but only 19 games from 1484 was for the Dodgers). Father of future 4-time All-Star catcher (for the Padres an the Orioles). Manager of the Cubs in 1963-1965 and the A's in 1968 
3B- Known as 'Handsom Ransom'. Two time All-Star, in 1954-1955 (with the Cubs) 
SS- Longtime manager and coach (manager of 4 different teams, coach in 8 different franchises). Was involved in famous altercation with Pedro Martinez 
C- Made his Major League debut at that season. Served only as backup catcher in his next 3 seasons with the Dodgers 
P- In his two years with the Mets, in 1962 and 1963, he led the league in Losses. Manage the Padres in 1978-1979, and the Giants in 1985-1992. One of the best known Pitching Coaches 
1960 Washington Senators (Twins Franchise)
SS- AL MVP in 1965 
CF- First full season with the Senators. Continue to play another three and half years with the Twins 
3B- Best hitter in franchise history 
LF- His only All-Star appearance came in that season. Finished 10th in 1960 AL MVP voting. Led the team in HR and RBI 
1B- Played 477 of his 488 total career games in Senators/Twins uniform 
RF- Played all of his 13-year career in this franchise. ROY in 1959, three times All-Star. Member of the Minnesota Twins Hall of Fame 
C- Backup catcher. His second season with the franchise (4 total). First full season 
2B- Longtime utility man for the Red Sox. Came in trade with them in the midst of the year before. Career-high in games at this season 
P- Led the league in losses three time in a row at that point. The streak continued one more season 
1965 Milwaukee Braves
CF- Got in trade with the Mets two months earlier. At the first month of the next season, Send to the Cubs for Bobby Cox 
RF- His best season of his career came the year before, where he bat for the Braves for a 0.302 Batting AVG. in 116 AB. All in all, he hit only one HR, in 589 AB, for the Braves 
C- Backup catcher who came in trade with the Mets, in the middle of that season 
LF- Former 3-time All-Star (with the Pirates), in the shadow of his career. Played in only another 5 games (all of them as a pinch hitter), with the Cubs in 1966 
3B- Cuban pinch hitter, who never gain regular job in any team (played with the Indians, Braves and Reds) 
1B- Played only 8 games with the Braves (in 1965 and 1967). Played in 246 and 201 games with the Cardinals and the Astros, respectively 
SS- Split his career between the Braves and the Reds (5 and half with Braves, 3 and half with Reds). Everyday middle-infielder for the Braves in 1966-1967. Hit exactly one HR in his career, in 2187 AB 
2B- The 'Iron Pony'. Father of a future Hall of Famer. All-Star in 1970, with the Angels 
P- He pitched his final Major League season for the Boston Red Sox in 1966. He was sent to the Milwaukee Braves along with Gene Oliver in 1963 in the same trade that brought Lew Burdette to the Cardinals. Father of Ed and Ted, and uncle of Jim, but he is not related to the other Bob 
1967 Kansas City Athletics
SS- Played seven years for the franchise (in two different stints), but batted for only 0.221 Avg. and 0.554 OPS (in 1165 PA) 
2B- Best year of his Major League career. Played 310 games in A's uniform (on six different years), and only 90 more games with another team, which also appears here (at that specific year)  
RF- His third season with the franchise (in a total five), and the last one as a every-day player 
CF- Led the team in HR, RBI and OPS.. All-star in 1968 with this team, and also in 1978 with the Dodgers. Played, in total, 6 seasons with the A's, 5 with the Cubs, and 8 with the Dodgers 
LF- An original Seattle Pilot, he was also on both the 1969 and 1973 National League champions Mets 
1B- Played for 11 seasons with the A's (in 1967-1976 and 1982). Three time All-Star, Gold Glove and World Series champion with them (each). Finished second in AL MVP voting in 1972 and 1974 
3B- Played all of his Major League career in A's uniform (1963-1974). His best season was 1969, when he hit 275./353./427./779. (all career-best) with 12 HR and 64 RBI (career best) 
C- Father of Shelley and Chris, one of them played in his father team, where he was the pitching coach 
P- Hall of Famer. Led the team in rWAR and made the All-Star team in that season. Won the 1974 Cy Young Award, in his last year with the franchise 
1969 Seattle Pilots
3B- Led the league in SB (and Caught Stealing) in this season. Led the league in SB one more time, in 1973, when he played for the Red Sox 
LF- Traded to the Pilots, along with John Gelnar, for Lou Piniella at the end of spring training of this season 
RF- World Series Champion the year before with the Tigers 
1B- Goose. Led the team in AVG., SLG. and OPS., but made only 157 Plate Appearances 
C- This player was the fourth selection by the Pilots in 1968 Expansion Draft. Before that, played for four seasons with the White Sox 
CF- Roomate of Jim Bouton, whose diary of the 1969 season, Ball Four, became a national sensation a year later 
2B- OPS. of 0.485 in 180 PA at this season 
SS- Another member of the 1968 World Series champions, the Detroit Tigers. Had a fan club when he played for the Pilots 
P- Longtime Orioles pitcher. Made an All-Star appearance for them in 1963 and 1966 
1971 Washington Senators (Rangers Franchise)
CF- Fourth outfielder. His lone season with the franchise  
SS- Worst OPS. on the team. Member of Texas Rangers Hall of Fame 
1B- Led the team in H, 2B, HR, RBI, AVG., OPS. and SO. NL ROY in 1960. 4 time All-Star (including that season) 
C- Won the outset catcher's job in July when Senators manager Ted Williams benched Raul Casanova for weak hitting 
LF- Won 1974 AL MVP when he played for this franchise 
3B- Led the team in SB. One time All-Star, in 1973 (with this franchise). Currently pregame analyst for the Milwaukee Brewers on Fox Sports Wisconsin 
RF- Led the team in runs. His last season with the franchise (played with them for four seasons, first team in his career)  
2B- First season in his career. September call-up. Hit for 14-81 in his two years with the franchise 
P- The only pitcher in Major League history to miss a perfect game due to his own fielding error. Also started the first game in Texas Rangers history 
2004 Montreal Expos
1B- Led the team in Runs, HR, OPS., and SO. Came second in 2002 NL ROY voting  
2B- Journeyman utility player. Played the last season of his career in 2013 with the Twins and the Royals 
RF- One of only two seasons in the Big Show. Played his next Major League game seven years later, with the Mets 
LF- Led the team in Triples. Traded twice in 2005-2006 offseason - first, for Alfonso Soriano, and then, along with Adrian Gonzalez 
CF- His first year in the Majors. Played another three seasons with the Nationals 
C- Backup catcher. His only season with the Nationals. Played with the Indians between 1996-2002 
3B- His first year in the Majors. Came to the Expos in trade-deadline blockbuster trade which also include Nomar Garciaparra, Orlando Cabrera, Alex Gonzalez and Doug Mientkiewicz, among others 
SS- You don't have a chance.... 
P- First season with this franchise. Was the best starting pitcher at the club in 2005  
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