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Can you name the Once Upon a Time Characters based on the clues given? See game notes

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(s) the Mad Hatter's name
(f) Peter Pan's grandson
(s) Pongo's owner
(f) Grumpy's original name
(s) Replacement brother for a dead prince
(s) Cora's first born
(f) Killed Cinderella's fairy godmother
(f) Love of books enabled them to defeat a chimera
(f) Sent through a mirror to Wonderland
(s) Returned to StoryBrooke after their leg turned to wood
HintAnswerExtra hint
(s) Haunted by a wolf companion
(s) Became the author after defeating the former one
(f) Ate her boyfriend
(s) Had a child with the Wicked Witch
(s) Spent the first few episodes sleeping in a yellow car
(f) Ripped out Aurora's heart
(f) Met the Evil Queen after her horse bolted
(f) Helped by Belle to find her brothers
(s) Used her father's heart to enact a curse
(f) Brought Daniel back to life; got his arm ripped off

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