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Can you identify all of the women named in the book of Genesis/Bereishiit? A few are referred to by relationship to someone else.

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RelativesBiblical WomanHebrew Name
First woman, wife of Adamחַוָּה
Wife of Lemech (Lamech)עָדָה
Wife of Lemech (Lamech)צִלָּה
Daughter of Tzilah (Zillah), Sister of Tuval-Cayin (Tuval-Cain)נַעֲמָה
Lemech's daughter-in-law
Lemech's granddaughters
Daughter of Haranיִסְכָּה
Wife of Abrahamשָׂרָה
Wife/concubine of Abrahamהָגָר
related to Abraham (niece-in-law)
related to Abraham (grand nieces)
Wife/concubine of Abrahamקְטוּרָה
Wife of Nahorמִלְכָּה
Concubine to Nahorרְאוּמָה
Wife of Isaacרִבְקָה
Nurse to Rebeccaדְּבֹרָה
Wife of Esau (Esav)עָדָה
RelativesBiblical WomanHebrew Name
Wife of Esau (Esav)יְהוּדִית
Wife of Esau (Esav)מָחֲלַת
Wife of Esau (Esav)אָהֳלִיבָמָה
Wife of Esau (Esav), daughter of Ishmael (possibly same person as Mahalath)בָּשְׂמַת
first Wife of Jacob (Yaakov)לֵאָה
second Wife of Jacob (Yaakov)רָחֵל
Concubine to Jacob (handmaid to Leah)זִלְפָּה
Concubine to Jacob (handmaid to Rachel)בִלְהָה
Daughter of Leah and Jacobדִּינָה
Concubine to Esav's son Eliphazתִמְנַע
Mother of Mehetabelמַטְרֵד
Wife of King Hadarמְהֵיטַבְאֵל
Canaanite, wife of Judah
Daughter-in-law of Judahתָמָר
Egyptian who accused Joseph
Granddaughter of Jacob (daughter of Asher)שֶׂרַח
Daughter of Poti-Phera, wife of Josephאָסְנַת

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