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Close encounters, soul mates, married folk, near misses, unwelcome advances, dalliances, romantic entanglements, lost loves, and manipulative seductions...given the episode, can you name the non-platonic duos?

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CharacterLover-ish MatchEpisode
SarekJourney to Babel
James KirkCourt Martial
SpockThe Enterprise Incident
DeelaWink of an Eye
RuthShore Leave
Christine ChapelAmok Time
AndreaWhat Are Little Girls Made Of?
Carolyn PalamasWho Mourns for Adonais
Nyota UhuraPlato's Stepchildren
Leonard McCoyShore Leave
ParmenPlato's Stepchildren
James KirkDagger of the Mind
Charlie Charlie X
Gary MitchellWhere No Man Has Gone Before
Irina GalliulinThe Way to Eden
Ben ChildressMudd's Women
KangDay of the Dove
James KirkThe Conscience of the King
James KirkThe City on the Edge of Forever
Leonard McCoyMan Trap
Pavel ChekovThe Apple
TamoonGamesters of Triskelion
Harcourt Fenton MuddI, Mudd
Janice RandThe Enemy Within
SalishThe Paradise Syndrome
Kirk/SargonReturn to Tomorrow
Esteban RodriguezShore Leave
James KirkCatspaw
James KirkThe Paradise Syndrome
T'pringAmok Time
James KirkThe Mark of Gideon
Martha LeightonThe Conscience of the King
Marla McGiversSpace Seed
CharacterLover-ish MatchEpisode
Christine ChapelWhat Are Little Girls Made Of?
Dr. ColemanTurnabout Intruder
SpockThis Side of Paradise
James KirkThe Deadly Years
Leonard McCoyFor the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
EleenFriday's Child
SpockAmok Time
NonaA Private Little War
Robert JohnsonThe Deadly Years
James KirkMirror, Mirror
SpockAll Our Yesterdays
Montgomery ScottThe Lights of Zetar
Nancy Hedford/The CompanionMetamorphosis
James KirkBread and Circuses
Christine ChapelPlato's Stepchildren
Nyota UhuraGamesters of Triskelion
SpockThe Cloud Minders
KelindaBy Any Other Name
James KirkRequiem for Methuselah
KaraWolf in the Fold
ShahnaThe Gamesters of Triskelion
BentonMudd's Women
Jaris (the Prefect)Wolf in the Fold
SpockReturn to Tomorrow
Pavel ChekovDay of the Dove
ElaanElaan of Troyius
Lord GarthWhom Gods Destroy
Larry MarvickIs There in Truth No Beauty?
Christopher PikeThe Cage/Menagerie
Angela MartineBalance of Terror
Herm GossettMudd's Women
FlintRequiem for Methuselah
Nyota UhuraMirror, Mirror

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