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Name the tv shows which correspond to these movie-inspired episode titles

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YearTV Series TitleEpisode Title
1994The Age of Insolence
2003Analyzed Kiss
1991The Days of Wine and Neuroses
1993Rhyme and Punishment
1989The Unsterile Cuckoo
2000Girls, Interrupted
1976The Novocaine Mutiny
1990Razing Bull
1987Dogsbreath Afternoon
1991Oy, Wilderness
2009A Faire to Remember
1989A Bar Is Born
2003Field of Queens
1988Night Court of the Living Dead
1996Liver Let Die
1964The Sinkable Mrs. Brown
1983The Boys in the Bar
1991Sam Time Next Year
2002Fagel Attraction
1997On Golden Pons
1990Melvin and Harold
1987The Crane Mutiny
1964The Great Brain Robbery
1994The Parenting Trap
1999Das Boob
1990Def Poet's Society
1971The Six-and-a-Half-Year Itch
2005It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World
1985From Beer to Eternity
1991Home Malone
1981The 10 Percent Solution
1992A Night at the Oprah
1999A Tsar is Born
1999Dick, Who’s Coming to Dinner
1999The Heavens Can Wait
1993Six Degrees of Graduation
1992One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest
1977Goodbye, Mr. Fish
1991The Norm Who Came to Dinner
1992Silence of the Lambskins
1969Guess Who's Coming for Lunch
2005From Queer to Eternity
1975Of Moose and Men
2001The Wizard and Roz
1988The Accidental Jurist
1998The Great Dickdater
1993Married to the Job
1987The Wizard of Odds
1983Goodbye Mr. Scripps
YearTV Series TitleEpisode Title
1989The Unbearable Lightness of Boring
1999Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner?
1990Ex-Wives and Videotape
1990Death Takes a Halloween
1966All About Eva
1995It's a Wonderful Lie
1976Birth of a Salesman
2001Glengarry Glen Dick
1988The Sam in the Grey Flannel Suit
1992The Aunt Who Came to Dinner
1995Cake Fear
1985Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding
1964Dial M for Martin
1993A River Doesn’t Run Through It
1988Russkie Business
1974Last Tango in Tuckahoe
1965Martin Goldfinger
1986Larry of Arabia
1997The Unnatural
1983The Belles of St. Marys
1978Tea and Empathy
1989Auntie Maim
1991Field of Screams
1988Educating Rhoda
2008It's a Wonderful Lie
1990Bang the Drum, Ashley
2006Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?
1990Inherit the Wine
1988Chrizzi's Honor
2000Advise and Resent
1984A Night Court at the Opera
1986Two Easy Pieces
1990The Glasnost Menagerie
2004The Accidental Tsuris
1999From Here to Maternity
1974Adam’s Ribs
1981Three Days of the Condo
1982Of Mouse and Man
2000Ben? Her?
1974An Affair to Forget
1998One Hundred and One Damnations
1995Buss Stop
1997Eleven Angry Men and One Dick
1984Nichols from Heaven
1987Days of Swine and Roses
1988Romancing the Drone
1998Gun With the Wind
1999My Fair Maid-y
1996The Lyin’ King

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