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Given the original meaning of the letter's name, can you name the Hebrew letter?

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Letter Name MeaningName the LetterNumerical Value, Phonetic Equivalent
back of the head100 (k)
ox1 (silent)
wheel, knot together, interweave, snake, circle9 (t)
window, courtyard5 (h—just as in English, silent at the end of a word)
shepherd's staff, ox goad30 (l)
carved mark, signature400 (t—This letter also has two forms, with and without dagesh. Modern Hebrew pronounces both as a hard sound, but the original soft [sans dagesh] sound was 'th' as in thing, thanks, thread. Ashkenazi pronunciation later changed it to 's')
eye70 (gutteral, glottal stop. Not found in English, but common in other languages such as Arabic. Often taught to English speakers as a silent letter)
fence, fence in, destroy8 (ch as in Bach or loch, sometimes transliterated as kh or h or x)
head200 (r)
sword7 (z)
camel3 (g as in go, give, gate)
fence post60 (s)
mouth80 (p or f. Dagesh in center changes soft sound to hard; that is, f to p)
door4 (d)
hook, tent peg, spear6 (v)
tooth300 (sh and s. Dot on top right makes it 'sh', on top left, 's')
seed, continue, offspring (maybe fish)50 (n)
fish hook90 (tz or ts)
house (tent, home)2 (b or v. Dot in center of letter, called a dagesh, changes the sound from soft—v—to hard—b)
water40 (m)
palm of hand, open hand20 (c as in coffee, cape, cube. Or ch as in Bach and loch, sometimes transliterated as kh. Dagesh changes soft sound to hard, that is, ch to c/k))
hand, fist10 (y—just as in English, a half vowel)

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