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Jewish holiday quiz. Type in a number between 0 and 16 (not necessarily a whole number!) for each item

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Times cup of wine raised without drinking
Times we say 'Dayenu' (or its equivalent)
Matzot covered on plate at the beginning
Step of the seder at which the afikomen is eaten
Verses of Chad Gadya
Total drops of wine spilled
Times we sing ki lo naeh, ki lo yaeh (to Him it is fitting, to Him it is due)
Matzot removed from the plate before the story
Items on some seder plates that include something extra
Plagues + times 'Pharaoh' is mentioned
Questions to be answered
Cups of wine + Sons/Children
Times Moses is mentioned outside of the commentary
Times we say a blessing when washing hands
Items on seder plate
Rabbis mentioned by name
Things we “know” in Echad Mi Yodea? (Who Knows One?)
Total times wine is raised + times hands are washed + things eaten ritually before the meal

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