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Can you name the male Star Trek (1966–1969) characters, one for (almost) every letter of the English alphabet?

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Starts With...CharacterEpisode
AAll Our Yesterdays
BThe Corbomite Maneuver
CThe Trouble With Tribbles
DThe Ultimate Computer
ESpectre of the Gun
FShore Leave
GWhom Gods Destroy
HWolf in the Fold
IPatterns of Force
KSpace Seed
LThe Alternative Factor
MThe Apple
Starts With...CharacterEpisode
NI, Mudd
OA Piece of the Action
PThe Cloudminders
Qno Q, enter 'blank'
RWhat Are Little Girls Made Of
SJourney to Babel
TThe Squire of Gothos
Uno U, enter 'blank'
VDagger of the Mind
WThe Ultimate Computer
XThe Lorelei Signal (TAS)
YThe Savage Curtain

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