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Can you name the female Star Trek (1966–1969) characters, one for (almost) every letter of the English alphabet?

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Starts With...CharacterEpisode
AJourney to Babel
BShore Leave
CThe Naked Time, etc.
DWink of an Eye
EFriday's Child
FCourt Martial
GThe Empath
HDagger of the Mind
IAssignment: Earth
JCharlie X, etc.
KBy Any Other Name
LThat Which Survives
MMirror, Mirror
Starts With...CharacterEpisode
NFor the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
OMark of Gideon
PWho Mourns for Adonais
Qno Q names. Enter 'blank'
RRequiem for Methuselah
SGamesters of Triskelion
TAmok Time
UConscience of the King, etc.
WThe Deadly Years
Xno X names. Enter 'blank'
Ylike, every episode
ZAll Our Yesterdays

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