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QUIZ: Can you name the Survivors that have been sent home by a minority of their tribe?

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Votes ReceivedCastawaySeason
Four out of TenBorneo
Zero out of FourMarquesas
Three out of SevenPanama
Three out of TenFiji
Two out of SixFiji
Two out of SixMicronesia
Four out of NineTocantins
Four out of ElevenSamoa
Three out of EightHeroes vs Villains
Three out of NineHeroes vs Villains
Three out of SevenNicaragua
Four out of NineRedemption Island
Four out of NineSouth Pacific
Three out of SevenSouth Pacific
Four out of NineOne World
Four out of ElevenPhilippines
Three out of EightPhilippines
Four out of TenCaramoan
Votes ReceivedCastawaySeason
Three out of SevenCaramoan
Zero out of SixBlood vs Water
Three out of SevenSan Juan del Sur
Two out of NineSan Juan del Sur
Two out of FiveSan Juan del Sur
Four out of TwelveWorlds Apart
Three out of SevenWorlds Apart
Two out of SevenWorlds Apart
Three out of TwelveCambodia
Three out of TenCambodia
Four out of NineCambodia
Four out of NineKaoh Rong
Two out of EightMillennials vs Gen X
Zero out of TenMillennials vs Gen X
Five out of ElevenGame Changers
Zero out of SixGame Changers
Two out of FiveHeroes vs Healers vs Hustlers

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