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Can you name the Survivor Winners based on Random SurvivorWiki Trivia?

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First castaway to win an advantage at the Survivor Auction
Was the only eligible castaway to not attend the 10 year Survivor Anniversary Party
This winner is left-handed and speaks Filipino
The first Sole Survivor to win the Final Immunity Challenge but no others
This castaway is the tallest Sole Survivor
Participated in every Individual Reward on their season
Holds the record for the most Tribals survived in a season, without having any type of Immunity (14 votes)
Always ended voting confessionals with 'Adios'
First person to have their name changed in the opening intro
The only winner to have no women vote for them to win
The first winner to be a finalist with someone from the opposing starting tribe
The first winner to find 3 hidden immunity idols
Had the fewest confessionals (45) of any contestant with the most confessionals of their season
First castaway to win the same challenge twice
Holds the record for the latest discovery of a Hidden Immunity Idol (Day 37)
This winner dated Corinne Kaplan
First castaway to defeat two finalists of the same gender
First contestant to win two Immunity challenges in one day
This winner went the most days (22) before attending Tribal Council
The only winner to win a fire tiebreaker
The first winner to win unanimously
First male to win without winning an Individual Immunity Challenge
The first winner to return twice after being crowned Sole Survivor
The only winner to receive votes at the first Tribal Council of the season
First winner to find a Hidden Immunity Idol without a clue
Had a merged tribe named after one of their stuffed animals
Was nicknamed 'Intelligentsia Attaché'
The first castaway to have their birthday during the game
Is the only contestant to ever give away an immunity necklace, be vulnerable, and survive the vote
This castaway's luxury item was a football
First player to play a hidden immunity idol pre-merge
First winner with dual citizenship
This castaway is the shortest Sole Survivor

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