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Can you name the Survivor Runner-Ups based on Random SurvivorWiki Trivia?

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Won the most individual challenges (7) in a single season
Has tattoos based on the tribes of their original season
Every time this runner-up had their name written down they received exactly 2 votes
First person from an 'older' tribe to reach Final Tribal Council
This runner-up inspired the rule that only legible votes will be counted at Tribal Council
This runner-up name is their grandmother's, spelled backwards
This runner-up was placed on Survivor as a result of mistaken identity
This runner--up is fluent in Mandarin
This runner-up is the oldest female to win the 'Shoulder the Load' challenge
This runner-up was a favorite of Tyler Perry
Placed 14th in TV Guide's '20 Best Performances of 20**'
This runner-up started on a blue tribe all three times they played
This runner-up is tied for the fewest Tribal Councils attended of all the finalists (only 7)
First contestant to be eliminated from the show without being voted out
First person in Survivor history to not give a confessional on their starting tribe
The first female to play a Hidden Immunity Idol
Has played the most days of any three-time castaway
This runner-up named their son after another Survivor runner-up
This is the only runner-up to not play for the full 39 days
The only runner-up to deliver a Final Words speech
The first male runner-up to receive no votes at Final Tribal Council
This runner-up was cut from Heroes vs. Villains at the last second
The only player in Survivor history to find multiple Hidden Immunity Idols and never successfully negate a vote with one
The medical team strongly considered pulling this runner-up after they fell from a papaya tree
The second person to be the oldest castaway on two separate seasons
The first finalist in a Final 3 where all finalists got Jury votes to finish second outright
This runner-up currently displays their unused Hidden Immunity Idol in their living room
This runner-up's 42nd birthday was Day 9 of their season
Only runner-up to receive no Jury votes in a Final 2
The first castaway voted out as the result of a three-way tie
The first male runner-up to only receive Jury votes from women
This runner-up with eventual winner are the only pair of finalists to be the same age
This runner-up has the largest gap between the two times they made the Final Tribal Council
This is the first castaway to do an interview prior to an elimination episode
This is the earliest appearing finalist to play only once
The only runner-up to only ever be on one tribe their entire Survivor career
This runner-up is the only female to win the gross food challenge
This runner-up is the only contestant to have MRKH
This runner-up is the 4th oldest member of a season to finish as runner-up
This runner-up has won the most Individual Challenges of any African American contestant

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