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The only tribe to have its highest and lowest placing members to be previous Sole Survivors
The first merge tribe to begin on Day 16 (so far only one other tribe has merged that early)
The first merged tribe to have twelve members
The first time that the flag has been painted on both sides
The first tribe to be merged in the sixth episode, making the episode the earliest merger by episode count
Has the record for being the tribe with longest time of existing
The shortest lasting merged tribe (12 days)
Has the fewest members of all the merged tribes
The only merged tribe to not have a castaway from California
Unintentionally named after an Italian word
The first merged tribe to have more than one LGBT member
The first tribe to have buffs with a neon colors in its background colors
First merged tribe that had an uneven number of people from each original tribe
The first merged tribe to feature returning players alongside new players
Only merged tribe to manually paint the Survivor logo on their flag
The tribe name means 'Hello Hello', opposite to the unwelcoming names the pre-merge tribes have:'to kill' and 'spear'
Shares a name with a tribe in French Survivor
Tribe name unintentionally means 'ladle'
The first tribe in Survivor history to have a member voted off due to two Hidden Immunity Idols being played
The only tribe to have the first and last person voted out be former winners
The only merged tribe to contain less than half of its season's castaways
Shares the record for most tribe members eliminated due to Hidden Immunity Idol plays
The final three on the flag are circled
The first merged tribe to consist of more women then men
Tribe members wrote their names on the flag in the same colors as their original tribes
Shares a name with a tribe in Bulgarian Survivor
Largest tribe in Survivor History
Has caricatures of all its members on its merge flag
The first Merged tribe in which the first two people voted out are female
The only tribe to have two people quit
The first merged tribe to be comprised of 11 members
First merged tribe to have a deadlocked tie

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