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Can you guess the 4-letter words in this word ladder about a hit 70s group?

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Clue4-letter word
*** First name of the lead singer ***
A sound
Corn ____
To long for
To eat
Ten cents
Turns the lights down
♪ 1972 song: 'Vaya Con ____' ♪
Guy who sang 'Runaround Sue'
A giant cat
To describe
Citrus fruit
♪ Their 1974 LP: Prime ____ ♪
A long (or short) mark
♪ 1975 hit single: 'He Don't ____ You (Like I ____ You)' ♪
Not short
TV journalist Lisa ____
♪ 1971 single: 'I Play and ____' ♪
Performed a wordy tune
♪ 1971 single: 'Summer ____' ♪
Clue4-letter word
To mail
A little thing you find in fruit
♪ 1973 single: 'Say Has Anybody ___ My Sweet Gypsy Rose' ♪
Someone in high school
Very (French)
♪ 1973 hit: 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak ____' ♪
A cheap date will love taking you to ____ concerts
Flintstone or Armisen
♪ 1975 single: 'You're All I ____ to Get By' ♪
Never, in Shakespeare
They make honey
Say your good____
♪ 1974 single: 'Look in My ____ Pretty Woman' ♪
Added color
Transfer of property, legally speaking
Infamous chef Paula ____
Actress Laura ____
Oh, fudge!
*** The group collectively, or sometimes just the backing singers ***

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