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Guess the four letter words in this ladder about a well-known film.

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Clue4 letter word
* With [last rung], the film title *
Give up
Eight, in French
Door, in Old French
'Gilligan's Island' housing
Eighth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, plural
Not his
* John Turturro played ____ Stempel, a contestant on the [film title] *
Phineas's stepbrother
Common plant
1997 hit song
Craggy hills
Vast quantities
Little metal boxes
* Turturro's character does this, at least for a while *
The Supremes owned a lot of these
* A television network does this, in this film's plot *
1950s hit song '____ to Riches'
Time and Newsweek, for short
Clue4 letter word
The planet everyone keeps talking about
* Paul Scofield was ____ Van Doren *
* Actor Azaria, who played Albert Freedman *
You might be able to get a loan there
Blondie or Blur
* Two characters do this under pressure *
* Nominated for ____ Picture, Director, Supporting Actor, and Adapted Screenplay *
For fear that
Not found
* The two main characters are asked to do this *
Rubber tube
* Christopher McDonald played Jack Barry, the ____ of the [film title] *
Owl sound
Fluffy white stuff
* With [first rung], the film title *

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