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How well do you know that iconic American food product, Spam?

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Spam factanswer
Year Spam was first introduced
Company that produces Spam
Early advertising billed Spam as the 'new _______ meat in a can'
US state with the highest per capita Spam consumption
Country that is the second largest consumer of Spam, after the US
Year by which 1 billion cans of Spam had been produced
Year by which 8 billion cans of Spam had been produced
Second listed ingredient on a can of Spam Classic, after 'pork with ham'
Knight character that has appeared on Spam packaging since 2012
Phrase that appears next to this character: '________ Spam!'
US Senator who reportedly ate a Spam sandwich for lunch three times a week (hint: he died in 2010)
Spam factanswer
US state that is the home of the Spam Museum
Number of countries where Spam is available
Muppets movie that had a 'tribal pig' character named Spa'am
Comedy troupe that had a wildly successful Broadway musical called Spamalot
Decade during which the word Spam came to also mean junk email
Esteemed American museum that added two cans of Spam to its collection in 1998
Capital city in Asia that is home to the Spam Jam Restaurant
Complete this WWII-era Spam joke: Spam is a ham that didn't pass its ________
Allied forces received shipments of Spam during WWII, thanks to this 1941 Act
Soviet leader who said: “Without Spam, we wouldn’t have been able to feed our army.”
Price of a 12 ounce can of Spam, on spam.com

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