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Can you name the North American Wood-Warblers on the ABA checklist?

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Latin NameCommon NameCode
Vermivora bachmaniiCannot be found...
Vermivora pinusWidespread
Vermivora chrysopteraRestricted
Vermivora peregrinaWidespread
Vermivora celataWidespread
Vermivora ruficapillaWidespread
Vermivora virginiaeWidespread
Vermivora crissalisRestricted
Vermivora luciaeWidespread
Parula superciliosaAccidental
Parula americanaWidespread
Parula pitiayumiRare
Dendroica petechiaWidespread
Dendroica pensylvanicaWidespread
Dendroica magnoliaWidespread
Dendroica tigrinaWidespread
Dendroica caerulescensWidespread
Dendroica coronataWidespread
Dendroica nigrescensWidespread
Dendroica chrysopariaRestricted
Dendroica virensWidespread
Dendroica townsendiiWidespread
Dendroica occidentalisWidespread
Dendroica fuscaWidespread
Dendroica dominicaWidespread
Dendroica graciaeWidespread
Dendroica pinusWidespread
Dendroica kirtlandiiRestricted
Dendroica discolorWidespread
Latin NameCommon NameCode
Dendroica palmarumWidespread
Dendroica castaneaWidespread
Dendroica striataWidespread
Dendroica ceruleaRestricted
Mniotilta variaWidespread
Setophaga ruticillaWidespread
Protonotaria citreaWidespread
Helmitheros vermivorumWidespread
Limnothlypis swainsoniiRestricted
Seiurus aurocapillaWidespread
Seiurus noveboracensisWidespread
Seiurus motacillaWidespread
Oporornis formosusWidespread
Oporornis agilisRestricted
Oporornis philadelphiaWidespread
Oporornis tolmieiWidespread
Geothlypis trichasWidespread
Geothlypis poliocephalaCasual
Wilsonia citrinaWidespread
Wilsonia pusillaWidespread
Wilsonia canadensisWidespread
Cardellina rubifronsRestricted
Myioborus pictusRestricted
Myioborus miniatusCasual
Euthlypis lachrymosaCasual
Basileuterus culicivorusCasual
Basileuterus rufifronsRare
Icteria virensWidespread

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