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小川紗季Only S/mileage member to not be part of Lilpri and Shugo Chara Egg
宮本佳林Auditioned for MM and did not pass, auditioned for S/mileage and did not pass, gets her own group
竹内朱莉Yajima Maimi's cousin
福田花音Amulet Clover, Kaguyahime
小田さくらOne of the 3 who drew characters for Precure movie
森戸知沙希Former CoCoRo Gakuen member
羽賀朱音Bought teddies with the 12ki member colours to celebrate their 1/2 year anniversary in MM'15
田口夏実Rival is Ogawa Rena, has thick eyebrows, sensitive about her height
村上愛Aa sugoi yo sugoi wa~
亀井絵里Tuna fetish, bad at drawing
大塚愛菜Appears in a part of Juice=Juice's first single even though she already left
吉澤ひとみBicycles and Tsumutsumu
井上玲音Former NICE GIRL Project member, youngest member of Kobushi Factory
中西香奈Came up with Angerme's name
道重さゆみYosh, kyou mo kawaii zo
銭琳Bacchiri smiling panda
飯窪春菜Used to be a model for some magazines before joining MM
工藤遥Boyish chara, husky voice, antagonist in Lilium stage play
鈴木香音Replaced by Miyamoto Karin in MM'15 most recent single because of her sprained leg
野中美希Has a pet cat, has english skills she gained from living in the US for 8 years
石田亜佑美Replaced Miyamoto Karin in one of Juice=Juice's singles
石川梨華ABCHO, has a puppy named Hime
矢口真里Is an MM OG, best at variety shows
中島早貴Fish face XD
市井紗耶香Auditioned for Otona AKB48
金澤朋子Some fans think she is the successor to Fujimoto Miki
田村芽実Duet unit in Hinafes with Haga Akane
中澤裕子Has 1 baby girl, MM OG who most people say they are scared of
福田明日香First graduate of Morning Musume
徳永千奈美Also H!P Advisor, loves disney and has shelves full of merchandise
田中れいなJanakya ikujinashi (cue the rock music)
李純Banana loving panda
小川麗奈Rival was Tanabe Nanami, looks up to Kudo Haruka
清水佐紀Graduated from BK and is now a H!P advisor, helped pick Kobushi Factory's name
藤本美貴Expecting her 2nd baby, her first baby is a tiger
新垣里沙Kurukuru to Shi to Shitto main role
和田桜子Rival is Sasaki Rikako, looks up to Sugaya Risako
光井愛佳Green Fields, Dog lover
稲場愛香Former PEACEFUL member, rival is Fujii Rio
夏焼雅Coordinated Country Girls' single outfits, AKB48 Fujii Rena's cousin
鈴木愛理Whole family is full of pro golfers, has 6 dogs
野村みな美Looks up to Wada Ayaka, shares birthday with Ozeki Mai
高木紗友希Good friends with Duu and is in the same Satoyama unit
浜浦彩乃Ace of Hello Pro Kenshuusei
岡井千聖Family usually teases her about how she does not suit the idol like clothes that she wears
有原栞菜Resigned from C-ute because of bunion and maybe a scandal
加護亜依Has a baby girl, Two Top
菅谷梨沙子Former BK member, taking a break from showbiz
須藤茉麻Engeki Joshibu playing manager
嗣永桃子Country Girls playing manager
生田衣梨奈Golf and Niigaki senpai
熊井友理奈Former BK member, plans on becoming a model after finishing education
後藤真希Te wo nigitte, michi wo arukou
石村舞波First graduate of BK
広瀬彩海Former NICE GIRL Project member, leader of Kobushi Factory
紺野あさ美Announcer for TV Tokyo
佐々木莉佳子Told she looks like Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuuko mushed together
宮崎由加Was not part of Kenshuusei but accepted into the group she is in for her achievements
植村あかりMoodmaker in Juice=Juice, very stylish
譜久村聖Current Leader of MM'15
小関舞Told Momochi senpai that yurushite nyan era was over and now it is the gomen ne era
矢島舞美Has 4 pet dogs and her cousin owns the baby of one of them
小川麻琴Studied abroad at NZ
室田瑞希Got a solo line in both A sides of Angerme's first single
飯田圭織Nee waratte
勝田里奈On Tsunclub, it was said that she was the one who would get out of trouble for being noisy because she did not look the type
尾形春水She went to Osaka for the handshake event promoting their newest single (Hometown)
梅田えりかC-ute, model, back to singing and idol biz
相川茉穂Got a dance solo in Angerme's first single
久住小春It is a MIRACLE that she got into MM
安部なつみThe Ace of Morning Musume 1998-2004
和田彩花Cabbage Hakusho
保田圭The teased one in Morning Musume OG
島村嬉唄Umaku ienakute, gomen ne~
山木梨沙Has mad drawing skillz
辻希美3 kids, married to Ultraman
牧野真莉愛Nippon Ham Fighters
佐藤優樹Reason why 9ki and 10ki were able to get closer to 6ki
石黒彩Recently been joining in on Morning Musume OG activities, former member of Tanpopo
萩原舞Our H!P Kids baby who wears overalls quite a lot
前田憂佳She went to University of Adelaide to study
高橋愛Recently got married, loves Takarazuka
藤井梨央No NG idol

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